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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 28, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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administration is threatening to bring down america. the president wants to review how travelers are watching travel lists and how they are screened at airports. >> and a full has been launched into this attempted activism. and we will not rest, until we find all who were involved. >> reporter: al qaeda says it was behind the incident. in a website statement, the terrorist organization said it provided umar farescue. the suspect is being held here at a federal prison south of detroit. prosecutors are trying to get a sample of dna to build their case. but abdullah's attorney was trying to stop that from happening. a hearing was postponed until monday. authorities say he threatened to purchase it with bags. and are sticking to cash.
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>> weren't enough to trigger a closer look at abdul matula before he got on a plane. >> terrell brown. heightened security across the nation. including bwi, thurgood marshall, continues now with derek valcourt, with more on what you need to know if you're traveling. to make matters worse, we learned that -- late this afternoon, we learned that last night, a man who was 67 years old, flying from bwi to new york's laguardia airport somehow smuggled a 4-inch-long firecracker onto the plane. a flight attendant clearing the plane found the firecracker. new york says this is not a case of terrorism at all. but after this incident in detroit, nerves are frayed and the tsa is promising increased security. >> reporter: at bwi, it's business as usual. almost everyone here well aware of last week's incident of an alleged terrorist lighting explosives on board an
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international flight heading for detroit. >> makes me a little nervous. >> i just put my son on the flight. it's kind of scary for me to know that all of this is going on and everything. and walk through those detectors and still cannot detect an explosive. >> those fears, prompting the tsa to put additional security measures at airports around the country. though they won't discuss specifics. >> reporter: it's a move applauded by many flyers, despite concerns about how those changes could make security lines longer. >> i think it might make me reconsider how often i might fly. >> it's going to slow down. >> probably will. but that's okay. you just have to plan a little better. add a little more time. >> which is why i'm not wearing my sweatshirt. so they can pat me down and i can make it through quickly. >> reporter: one thing we do know about. some airlines operating international flights will no longer allow passengers to get up and move in the aisles during the last aisle of the flight. >> i feel better about our security here.
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>> we can approve them here. but a guy got on the plane in nigeria. and he went to another country to get here. >> the tsa warns international flyers can expect increased security screenings at airports in other countryless. >> reporter: as for -- countries. >> reporter: as for that 67- year-old man who snuggled that firecracker from his flight to new york, he has been detained by the fbi and they say he could be facing criminal charges. we're live at bwi, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> a bki -- bwi spokesperson says it will not likely be obvious to passengers. a frederick man stole a plane and crashed it before it took off. a frederick municipal airport employee reported the crash about 2:00 this morning. investigators then found calvin cox hiding in the woods near the airport. the 51-year-old is reportedly familiar with planes but not proficient with their
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operation. the plane's fuselage and propeller were damaged. a man accused of kidnapping an eastern shore girl who was later found dead will remain behind bars. adam may has more on a hearing that took place today. >> the body was found christmas day near the maryland-delaware border. more than 3,000 helped with the search. he was last seen on tuesday. investigators say that is when thomas leggs took the girl from her home. at a bond hearing, a judge ordered that he be held without bond and burglary and kidnapping charges. the 30-year-old will face additional charges of preliminary hearings. leggs is scheduled for january 21st. meanwhile, the funeral for sarah foxwell has been scheduled for 7:00 p.m. this saturday. anonymous dopers have agreed -- donors have agreed to pay for the funeral. three deadly shootings over the weekend put the city's total number of homicides at 235. that's one more than the number recorded in tweat 2008.
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-- in 2008. while killings are up, police statistics show, nonfatal shootings are down, actually, 22%. the count down begins to the ports america new year's eve spectacular. and there is great anticipation for a positive impact on the sluggish baltimore economy. pat warren is live at the baltimore inner harbor, where thousands are expected to gather early and make a date. >> reporter: one more christmas wish for businesses downtown is a profitable new year's eve. chris fan of the wine market has his plan. >> we're set from the inner harbor a little bit. but you can actually see the fireworks from our parking lot. so it's definitely a benefit that some people don't realize. you can come dine with us and stand out in the parking lot and take it all in. >> reporter: like other downtown area restaurants, the wine market is tailoring its table to accommodate champagne
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tastes and beer budgets. >> i think that people are a lot smarter about their money. i mean, we have a huge selection of wines. and some of those huge, you know, $100 cabernets aren't going out the door as much. . >> reporter: still, the downtown partnership expects the ports america new year's eve spectacular to put spenders in a spending mood. in preparation for the new year's eve event, extends beyond this. >> we'll have busy hotel rooms, busy restaurants. a lot of shops will get a little bump after the holiday rush. >> reporter: and it's an opportunity for the locals to shine. >> it's going to be a lot of fun. it's going to be crazy in the wine shop. it's going to be crazy in the restaurant. there's going to be a lot of energy here. and it's going to be a lot of fun. >> reporter: remember, you can spend as much as much or as little as your budget allows. >> right now, we're in the neighborhood of people who live down here. for example, i'll be coming down to dinner here myself. then i'll be watch -- walking over to my sister-in-law's house and watching the
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fireworks from her deck. even if you don't have a lot of money to spend, there are plenty of places for you to come downtown and enjoy new year's eve. >> reporter: and the city is expecting 100,000 people or more, weather permitting. and of course, if you have bad weather, you know you can always watch the fireworks on wjz. reporting live from the inner harbor, i'm pat warren. >> okay, pat. quick 83. how was the -- question. how was the champagne? >> i didn't drink any. >> that's your story. stick to it. >> sticking to it. you can watch the fireworks here on baltimore live, on wjz 13. as wjz presents the new year's eve spectacular. all starts at 11:00 p.m., on december 31st. >> i did catch that booze label, though. 2009 is coming to an end on a chilly note. a live look outside. there's a definite chill in the air. but will we get some snow before it end. >> meteorologist bernadette woods is live in the first
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warning weather center. with the updated forecast. there is a chance, kai. there is a chance. hello, everybody. i want to show you live doppler radar. you're getting snow. we've had a few inches in the mountains and ski resorts. for the rest of us, we are stealing the cold air. wind advisory goes into effect midnight tonight through 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. winds are higher than what we were experiencing now. gusts up to 50 miles per hour. that's going to continue to bring in cold air. cold air will be in place until the end of the year. and a new storm comes your way thursday into friday. thank you very much. a missed opportunity. the ravens just won a game from clinching -- just one game from clinching the play-off spot. sports director mark viviano has more on this disappointing loss. it was quite a quiet locker room on the somber flight home.
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and fans calling my radio show today, furious and frustrated. but the players are keeping their cool. while that loss was tough to take, play-off prospects remain pretty good. >> reporter: positives in pittsburgh include the running of ray rice, 140 yards, most against the steelers in two years. there was joe flacco to todd heap, twice for touchdowns. negatives include 11 penalties. two of them wiped out ravens scores. another opportunity missed when derrick mason dropped a t.d. pass. but for awful -- all of the angst of a 23-20 defeat, ravens are headed to oakland. >> we're eracing this -- erasing this game. we've got bigger things to focus on. obviously we can all learn from this. but we've got to focus on what is in front of us right now. >> this type of game. we really need to put this behind us and think about next week. because we can't afford to be hanging our heads over this
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loss. >> talk about still having that opportunity. we just have to go win at oakland. >> yeah. darned right. no ifs ands or buts about it. we're not thinking about anything else but winning a football game next week. we'll go to work and compete. against a good oakland football team. they've had their share of success this year. we'll have hands full. >> oakland team the ravens face is the most penalized team in the nfl. the ravens are the second most penalized team in the nfl. i'll have more from the team on the effect of so many penalty flags coming up in sports. mark, thank you. our complete coverage continues with stan saunders and, with more of our exclusive fan cam and your thoughts on the loss. hi, stan. >> hello there, kai. ravens would have secured an afc wildcard berth. didn't even happen.
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now, the question is, will the birds make the play-offs? >> reporter: ravens fans still scratching their heads over 11 penalties for 113 yards in yesterday's loss to the steelers. >> stop. just stop. >> reporter: so many are wondering whether the purple birds will make the nfl play- offs. >> it's one win. and we're in. the rest of the season doesn't matter now. >> we have to beat oakland. have to beat oakland. >> i think we have a good chance. again, we just need to play smart, play our game. and hopefully we can finally make some of those touchdowns count. >> it is what it is. they still control their own destiny. now they gotta go to oakland and just win. >> on paper, we're supposed to win. it's in oakland. so that's a favor to them. but i mean, talent wise, look who we beat. i mean, even though oakland beat pittsburgh. >> i still think we're a great team. we have a great shot.
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>> win and we win. that's all that matters. >> do what you gotta do to win. make us look good in baltimore. >> oakland is no pushover. they've beaten new england, the bengals and like you heard, the steelers. >> if the ravens win, they are in the play-offs. watch the team take on the oakland raiders, only on wjz 13, this sunday, at 4:00 p.m. >> boy, so frustrating. >> i know. well, still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news. at 5:00. tackling the side fakes -- effects of chemotherapy. the herbal treatment that helped one girl on her road to recovery. runway mystery. the evidence that could help explain why a plane broke apart while landing in jamaica. i'm mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news near whitemarsh. one of the four people taken away with carbon monoxide poisoning has died. new details when eyewitness news continues. and the updated first warning weather forecast with bernadette. blatch ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have breaking news from hawaii, where the president has apparently -- president obama. let's go to adam may in the newsroom with late-breaking details. we're waiting for all of the facts. we can tell you that president obama abruptly ended a round of golf. we have heard that an ambulance was seen speeding towards the compound. white house aides say the speedy departure and the return to the president's home was not a matter of national security and there was no threat to
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national security. a journalist did see the ambulance speed by with its lights on ask siren. we're also hearing that this may involve some sort of family friend of the obamas. possibly minor injuries. that information just coming into us right now. we're still weeding through that. and we'll get additional confirmation. >> thank you very much. adam, reporting live from the newsroom. we now know the identity of the woman who died from a carbon monoxide poisoning near an apartment complex near whitemarsh. police say 46-year-old pandora sprigs died saturday. she was one ofure to people to become ill. relatives of the woman have arrived from all over. some from as far away as georgia. they're here because of the death of one of the four people taken out of this apartment a week ago. in the past few months, 30 people have become ill in apartments where carbon monoxide from faulty heaters
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has built up. in 2005, there were calls. in '08, that rose to 1355. and this year, there were over 1400 calls. so the county has a new law, soon requiring carbon monoxide detectors in apartments. it came too late for one family. >> the family here did not want to talk about their loss. but they are taking boxes inside and saying that after the funeral, they're moving out of this apartment. near whitemarsh, wjz eyewitness news. back to you now on tv hill. last week, the baltimore county council passed a law, requiring all rental units heated by burning fuel equipment to have carbon monoxide detectors. that law takes effect in 45 days. let's check on thed radios now with sharon gibala, live at wjz traffic control. hi, everyone. overall, it hasn't been a bad commute this afternoon. we have a few problems, though, including an accident on 295. it's going to be in the southbound lanes at the beltway. watch for another wreck in owings mills, cave road. that will be near winewood farm
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court. watch for two accidents in the city at moravia. south highland and bang street. and grafton shop road. between osborne parkway. and rock spring church road. possible road closures there. delaywise, 95 northbound, still slow. between eastern avenue and the beltway. it the take you about six minutes to get through that. with an average speed of 45 miles per hour. there's a look at your drive times and speeds. slowest spot, 49 miles per hour, between 83 and 95. that is a pretty good commute at this point. there's a live look at the top side of green spring. looking good. slow traffic. traffic again, six minutes between eastern avenue and the beltway. traffic report brought to you by the state highway administration. area police are on the hunt for drunk drivers. check force strike is back. visit checkpoint strike back to you. let's check in with bernadette and see if she's got good news, bad news, or
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indifferent news. >> a little bit of both. >> okay. >> it's a little bit of both. the cold air is returning. it's going to stick around through the end of the year. and a storm comes thursday into friday. this is not going to be as big of a storm as we had a couple of weeks ago. but there is a storm coming. and we could see? snow coming. right now, 31 degrees with the winds gusting out of the west. winds are going to pick up. and even colder air is on the way. and we'll have your forecast when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, everybody. well, it's starting to cold once again. and that cold air is going to stick around. want to show you first warning doppler radar. there's a cold front making its way through the northeast. and you can see, there have been snow showers behind it. but for most of us in maryland, most are hitting through the mountains. let's show you for the rest of us, not only is the snow fizzling but the clouds. we've had a lot of crowds over there. winter weather advisory is in effect. for the rest of us, a wind advisory continues in effect tonight.
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you see that, is in the entire state. winds are seeing 30 miles per hour. with the gusts even higher. we're just continuing to ramp that up. 18 degrees in oakland. 31 in baltimore. 35 down to the ocean. now, we did manage a high of 37 this afternoon. that's below the average of 43. and yesterday, it was 50 degrees. we're going to stay below the averages for the rest of the week. here's the cooperate. making its way through the cold front. quite temporarily. next storm front is going to be coming from. for us, the way it works out is this, first of all, the gusty winds and cold air will dominate tomorrow. but thursday, clouds will nkd. and the precipitation will start later thursday, continuing into friday. now initially, going to be a rain-snow mix. it will be enough air that this
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will be in the form of rain. but then as it winds up on friday, looks like this could change over to snow for a lot of us. then the cold air that will come in behind us will be even colder behind us. out on the water, small craft advisories in effect. gusting to 30 knots. so full forecast as we head toward new year's eve. this is what we're looking at. that mix coming our way. but before we get to that point, it will be chilly tonight. 24 degrees. then tomorrow, a lot of sunshine around. windy and cold. 33 for the high. we'll stay in the 30s for the rest of the week. and then that storm thursday into friday. >> okay. >> yeah. depending how you look at it. >> that's right. thank you. still ahead at 5:00, everybody. on eyewitness news. hollywood scandal. actor charlie sheen arrested. why he could spend up to eight years in prison. is there a video game
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fanatic in your house? new studies find the benefit of picking up a controller. we'll look back at the life,
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it's 5:28. 31 degrees and windy outside. good evening. thank you for staying with eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. he ran for baltimore's city council. governor. u.s. senator. even president, now long-time
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political activist, robert kaufman has died. adam may has a look back at his life. >> reporter: he labeled himself a liberal socialist. robert kaufman wanted to shape up politics for every political office, realizing a win was a long shot. hoping to add fresh ideas to the debate. >> he was against a lot of things. he was a rebel. >> reporter: ruth, his only surviving relative, said her brother fighted until the end. >> he didn't like that black people were shunned, not equal. and he wanted them to be equal. he felt they were the same as white people, except for the color of his skin. in those days, it was not so popular. >> reporter: he was nearly beaten to death in 2005, leaving him in need of a kidney transplant that he never received. >> i said, look, it's not worth it.
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take money out of my wallet. they took money out of my wallet and continues to beat me. >> reporter: kaufman forgave his attacker, calling him a victim of society's ills. >> he was very liberal and very concerned about people. concerned about the underdog. and that was his life. and he went at it 100%. >> reporter: now, kaufman didn't want a funeral. instead he wanted his body donated to science. the memorial service will be next week at the baltimore hebrew congregation. details still to come. >> robert kaufman was 78 years old. a rockville man is fighting for his life, after he is hit by a metro plane. officials say he was standing on a platform, waiting for a train when he stepped forward onto the tracks. he's now in critical condition. metro police say they continue to investigate how that accident happened. chances are, you or someone you know, have had their life
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changed by a drunk driver. wjz has been asking you to share your story. kelly mcpherson joins us now live from with more. kelly? >> reporter: it's part of our continuing wjz community commitment. project check force. this is from rachel. she says her boyfriend at the time was involved in an accident in august 2002. a reason for the accident was "my boyfriend was drunk and paying attention to me and not the road." since the accident seven years ago, i've never been the same, she says. i cannot enjoy things i once did. i am unable to go places i used to g. please, next time you go to that next party, a bar, a house, whatever, plan ahead. state police are planning to crack down on drunk drivers during the holiday. >> if you have been touched by a drunk driver in your life, we'd like to you share your
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story. log onto and send us your comments to checkpoint strike force. we want to update the breaking news we told you about a short time ago. president obama leaves a round of golf abruptly for an emergency. officials now say a family friend of president obama's children was injured at the family compound in hawaii. the injuries are not serious. president obama left his round of golf as a precaution to be with his children and the family friend. the key flight data is due out this week, which may help explain why an american airlines flight overshot its runway. it almost landed in the caribbean. aviation officials say they are leaving no stone unturned in this investigation. the flight data recorder could provide clues into what went wrong. concern in the cost of healthcare reform takes front seat. as the house and the senate try to resolve their differences. how to pay for the insurance overhaul is now a top issue.
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addadded to abortion funding and others. how many americans will get subsidized funding will also be front and center when congress returns next month to complete president obama's healthcare reform bill. state'sstate's job little -- jobless rate rose last month. maryland had 7.4% fewer in november than it did earlier. this makes us one of eight states to see the unemployment rate get worse in november. 2008 was a tough year for retailers. how did they make out for 2009? daniel seburg reports, letting us know that sales were naughty or nice this holiday season. after last year's dismal holiday shopping season, many retailers hoped 2009 would bring a boost. but mother nature had other plans. two feet of snow blanketed the east coast, in the week before christmas. sales in the region plummeted nearly 13% from last year. but the cold weather didn't stop hot sales on items like big screen tvs, digital music
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players and a relative newcomer. electronic books like amazon's kindle. in fact, for the first time ever, downloaded book outsold traditional ones on christmas day. >> another appearance -- appearance bright spot, gift cards. money loaded is expected to lift by nearly 2% to $38 billion. just don't forget to lose them. -- to use them. compared to last season, merchants had much to smile about. shoppers pushed sales up 3.4%. significant increase from 2008's final figures. majority retailer -- major retailers such as wal-mart, target and best buy are now offering significant sales, ranging from 25 to 60% off most items until december 31st, in hopes of bringing in a approachit for the year. -- profit for the year. bad news for iphones. the company has stopped selling iphones to new yorkers from its
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website but hasn't said why. at&t says it is overburdened with iphone users in new york and san francisco. others believe at&t may be instead battling fraudsters in new york selling the iphone illegally. doctors are growing concerns about the number of viruses. >> okay. i'll take this one. in this afternoon's wjz healthwatch report, doctors are growing concerned about the number of viruses growing resistant to drugs. many cases like that of oswald warez, a pelovian man -- reruvian man. scientists believe illnesses are becoming resistant because of the misuse of medication. antibiotics are used to fatten animals. but they also expose animals to humans in drug resistant infections. also, chemotherapy can help
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fight cancer. alex harmelin reports. an herb could help treat a liver problem that can often come with chemotherapy. >> mazy wholehouse is a healthy 9-year-old. she's also a cancer survivor. >> i remember lying in the bed. that's all. >> she was 1 1/2 when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. about 85% can beat it with chemotherapy. but blasting them with toxic chemicals can cause liver problems. >> children with leukemia, will experience liver toxicity about two thirds of the time. and sometimes that means we have to either hold their chemotherapy or reduce the dosage. >> reporter: a new study finds that an over-the-counter herb might help. 50 leukemia patients participated. all have liver inflammation. those who took milk thistle
5:37 pm
showed improvement. >> to potentially have something that will allow us to administer the full doses of chemotherapy. that may help us in the future. >> reporter: mazy went through two years of chemotherapy and has been cancer free ever since. >> she is just an upbeat, loving, happy robust girl. >> reporter: more research is needed to better understand the benefits of milk thistle. but doctors say mazy's success shows promise for other young cancer patients. alison harmelin, cbs news, new york. >> miltk thistle is also used to treat liver cirrhosis, hepatitis and others. a new study shows gaming improves both the speed and accuracy of cognitive thinking. despite the warning, experts warn that video games cannot replace the activity and social
5:38 pm
interaction necessary for every child. using combat experience to develop a technology to help soldiers figure out where insurgents are hiding their bomb supplies. a local judge is challenging the constitutionality of a law, requiring judges step down on their 70th birthday. and the ravens' play-off scenarios. for these stories and much more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast. from wjz's first warning weather team. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news. a tough adjustment. the boy involved in an international dispute is back with his dad. the one thing he is now having a tough time adjusting to. talk show drama. the tough announcement from tyra banks. bernadette woods in the first warning weather center. we're putting together your exclusive first warning five- day forecast. wile have that when we come back. first, here's today's report from wall street. blbl,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, everybody. winds are picking up. and cold air is in the process of taking over once again.
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i want to show you the forecast for tomorrow. as we head through the day, there is a wind advisory that will be in effect for wind gusts possibly up to 50 miles per hour. take a look. we start out in the 20s. top out in the low 30s. and we're really going to drop as we head into tomorrow night. for the five-day forecast. 33 for the highs today. go down to 18 degrees tomorrow night. and we stay below average for the rest of the week. at the same time, a new storm comes our way thursday into friday. looks like a rain-storm mix for the beginning of this. and cold air starts to take over to friday. to decent snow showers lingering in through saturday. a crackling fireplace seems to go hand in hand. but how can you enjoy this. here is mary bubala with more on how you can be an energy saver. tis the season for a roaring fire. but here are some tips to reduce heat loss from your fireplace. first, always keep the flu damper closed -- flue damper
5:43 pm
closed unless the fireplace is going all the way. keeping it open allows warm air to go up that chimney. make sure you check the seal and make sure it is as snug as possible. and energy experts say install tempered glass doors and a heat air system that blows warm air back into the room. i'm mary bubala, trying to help you be an energy saver. >> for more information on how you can be an energy saver, go to, and click on our special section on the home page. a washington state man is in critical condition tonight, after he was shot by police. police say they responded to the man's house, after receiving calls that he was suicidal. when they arrived, officers say the 55-year-old man said he had a gun and wanted to harm himself. according to investigators, the man then threatened police, armed with a handgun. and officers opened fire. police say the man was taken to a local hospital with gunshot wounds. the incident now is under investigation. a deadly apartment fire in mississippi claims the lives of
5:44 pm
nine people, including six children. that fire broke out around 4:00 this morning. at an apartment complex in starkville. fire officials say smoke detectors were in the department and working properly. the cause is under investigation. at least 30 people are dead and several others wounded today after a bomb attack in pakistan. police say the attack was meant to target a major shiite muslim procession in karachi. thick smoke filled the air as the bomb went off during the investigation. police say they also fired into the air in protest. iranian security forces are cracking down on iran's growing reform movement. today brought some of the most violent clashes between protestors and police in months. at least 18 are dead. and hundreds have been thrown in jail. the streets of iran's capital city are in upheaval again. these amateur videos, posted on the web, reportedly show
5:45 pm
protestors, hurling rocks and setting fire, while police use tear gas to break it up. 300 protestors were arrested. and at least 8 were killed in the violence. the bloody scene comes as iranian security forces step up their crackdown on activists suppose -- opposed to the iranian governments. activist websites report that they rounded up at least seven prominent activists on monday. chief opposition leader, mir- hossein mousavi says his nephew was shot and killed. and that his nephew is now missing. >> reporter: the white house is now denouncing the iranian government response. calling it unjust civilian depression. >> we call that it has to respect the rights of its own people. >> reporter: the clashes are some of the biggest since last summer, when president mahmoud ahmadinejad 's disputed re- election sparked weeks of
5:46 pm
unrest. the new violence comes during the observance of assura. one of iran's most sacred holidays. activists hope that the usage of violence on a holy day will galvanize even more support for their movement. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> residents say that the internet access has been restricted since the protests started. iranians have been able to see opposition websites. and cell phones and messaging websites have been also limited. the new jersey father who recently brought his son home from brazil says it's taking time for his son to adjust. david goldman and 9-year- old sean were reunited last week after five years apart. goldman says his son remembers little about his life in new jersey. and so far has not referred to goldman as "dad." their saga began in 2005 when goldman's ex-wife took sean to brazil without consent. the brazilian supreme court cleared the way for him to go
5:47 pm
home last week. charlie sheen could face jail time in connection with his arrest on christmas day. police in aspen, colorado, took the actor into custody on suspicion of assault and menacing in an alleged domestic violence case. it carries a charge of up to eight years. but prosecutors say they won't decide whether to file until february. police are looking into a report that sheen used a weapon of some sort during the altercation. tyra banks is announcing that she will end her talk show after five years on the show. she didn't cite a reason but says she does plan to continue her reality show "america's next top model." she is also in the process of creating her own studio that will eventually produce movies. adam may is standing by live with previews. an mta attack on a bus. you won't believe what this man did on a bus. and you'll notice changes on the streets of downtown baltimore. good news for bicyclists and bus riders. and what drivers need to know.
5:48 pm
check in for these stories at 6:00. forget about seeing a dietitian. now there's a robot that can help you lose weight. hi, my name is autumn. i have been created to help help you. >> it is designed to keep dieters motivated for a longer period of time. oughtum tracks a dieter's progress, by asking what a person has eaten daily. how much exercise they have done. and once a week, how much they weigh. the robot processes the input and then suggests changes in an individual's behavior. >> is this whole conversation gets tailored to each person over time. it's in the a script she follows. no two conversations are alike. and the point is, it helps me stay motivated. >> according to the world
5:49 pm
health organization, more than 1 billion of the world's adults are overweight. his creator says he built the robot because the biggest challenge for people are their weight. apparently if you don't follow the robot's suggestion, the robot tells you to drop and give it 20. >> oh, yeah? i noticed its eyes actually blink. i wonder federal eyes roll. what are you doing? >> exactly. eyewitness sports is next. this is mark viviano. after the ravens lost in pittsburgh, they're less concerned with those terrible towels. more concerned about the yellow penalty flags that the officials were throwing. we'll hear from the team when eyewitness news continues.
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marx is here with sports. the ravens game. you talked about this. you think later in the season, teammates normally get better with penalties. because they're more displains -- disciplined. hasn't happened here, has it? >> there's going to be a spike in tv sales.
5:53 pm
pittsburgh is a tough town. the steelers, a tough team. but the biggest suffering they had was self inflicted. mostly in untimely penalties committed by the guys in purple. domonique foxworth picks off a pass. flags blew. replays indicate he was guilty. it was taken off the board. kelly washington, guilty of holding during the run. towards the end of the game, tom intercepted a ben roethlisberger pass. that gave them one more chance. but that was taken away. but illegal contact hall to ben walker. a call that john harbaugh admitted was an accurate call. the ravens on the effect of 11 penalties on that loss in pittsburgh. >> we definitely hurt ourselves. and we'll take a look at see what happens. but you got to credit pittsburgh for playing well.
5:54 pm
like i said, we'll see, when we look at the film. >> going to be penalties. there's no such thing as a clean football game. it's an aggressive sport. when i was here, you overcome the penalties. you find yourselves in winning situations. we can't complain about the penalties. we still have chances to win the game. we just gotta get the job done. missed opportunities, i think, is the moral of this story. i think it's the positive because we missed those opportunities. and we're still in position to make a championship run. a lot of them are what we call occupational hazards. it's tough to turn that switch off, when you're hearing a whistle and you're playing a team like the steelers. but we know we hurt ourselves a couple of times, with penalties like that, especially on big plays. speaking of penalties, only oakland has more this year than the ravens. all that matters now, oakland -- ravens have to beat oakland this sunday. i'll be out west with the team to bring coverage.
5:55 pm
backup quarterback troy smith says his client wants more playing time. and will seek a trade after the season. the allege said he received word of the demand. harbaugh said he is aware of the news. but would like smith to remain with the ravens as long as possible. coming up next hour, rex ryan and the jets have plans to join them in the post season. we'll see how they have jumped into the play-off mix. and a reminder, you can catch me on the radio, tomorrow, on wjz f.m., 107, the fan. still a lot of calls on this. >> thank you. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. a terrorist scare on a plane, landing in detroit, may put official security measures in place at airports around the country. i'm derek valcouou,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00. scare in the sky. how did this man gibi pass security with explosives on his body. tonight, the president says there will be consequences for the attempted airliner bombing. and how it's affecting travelers across the country and here at home. will the new year's eve spectacular encourage spectators to spend money? i'm pat warren, coming up on eyewitness news. see some of the preparations being made for thousands of people coming into the inner harbor. one game, one chance. a closer look at the play-off picture for the ravens.
5:59 pm
aftera close loss in pittsburgh. and more snow coming this way? don't miss the updated first warning forecast. check in for all of the day's stories and eyewitness news. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. terror in the air. he's accused of trying to blow up a u.s. flight to kill hundreds. tonight, air passengers cope with their fears and heightened airport security. hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. and i'm adam may, filling in for denise koch. and here's what people are talking about tonight. president obama has just made his first public statement on the christmas day terror attempt that has concerned the nation. wjz has complete coverage with


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